Operating system

Operating system

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The Operating System, abbreviated as the OS, a computer is an inanimate object without the operating system. Because the operating system makes lifeless hardware workable and provides other software programs running over the hardware.
It is a system program that runs the other computer programs. The operating system acts as an intermediary between the user (users) and the computer. It provides as interface between user and the system.
Operating system is also known as resource allocator, because it allocate the resources to the system. It explains our instructions to the computer.
Other software programs and hardware are handled by the Operating System.

The Operating System controls and operates the entire computer. Operating System gives the user the ability to work on the computer easily.

Some of the major functions of the Operating System are below:-

  • The Operating System makes to use the computer easy to use.

  • The Operating System hides a lot of hardware information from the user, so the user is not confronted with a lot of information.

  • The Operating System provides the graphic user interface to the user. So he/she can easily operate the computer.

  • The Operating System provides an intermediary between the user and the system hardware so that the user can easily use the computer system and its resources.

There are different types of operating system some are:-

  • Multi-user Operating System this is the operating system that allows multiple users to work together. On this operating system, there are hundreds of users can do their work at a time.
  •   Single-user Operating System In contrast, the Single-User Operating System allows only one user to work at a time. Many users cannot work on this operating system at one time.
  •  Multitasking Operating System This Operating System allows the user to run several different programs simultaneously. On this operating system, you can also write e-mail at a time and also chat with your friends. This operating system do many works at a time.
  • Multi-Processing Operating System This Operating System allows a program to run on more than one CPU. It uses more than one processors.
  • Multi-Threading Operating System This Operating System allows different parts of a program to run simultaneously. In this system multiple thread are used.
  •   Real Time Operating System the Real Time Operating System processes the Input given by the user immediately. The Windows Operating System is the best example of this. Operating system is a very important program for computers. Without it the computer is just a dead object, it is not wrong to say. Without an operating system, using a computer can prove to be a very difficult task. To understand the relationship of Operating System and Computer, you can understand the above diagram.

Names of major operating Systems:-


  • Windows OS

  • Mac OS

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