Intel vs AMD Procesors

Intel Processor & AMD Processor

In Intel processors haves a number of strength such as its including power conservation means it consumes less power , graphics performance means it gave a better graphic experience, processing speed means its execute any process  faster , and processing power.

Most of the Intel processors are locked in a fixed clocking speed. However, Intel processor are must expensive as compare to AMD Processors.
If you are seeking performance, there is sure to be an Intel chip that suits yours needs but you have to pay more for Intel. But the processor itself will provide you with lighting speed, incredible capability and it also to be provide a beautiful graphics. It’s hard to beat the Intel processors. Most of Intel processors can’t be overclocked. 

Cost of some Intel Processors are:

  • Intel Core i5 7400 (LGA1151) 7th Generation Processor ₹16500 approx.

  • Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4 GHz Processor ₹1150 approx.

  • Intel Pentium 2.80 GHz LGA1155 G2010 Processor ₹5699 approx.

  • Intel (BX80677G4560) G4560 Pentium 7th Generation Dual Core Processor ₹7400approx.

AMD processors are not much costly as compare to Intel processors, and an advantage of AMD processor is that it can do the things that's Intel processors can’t do,  And many AMD processors can be overclocked which means they can be made to run at a faster speed than is available right out of the box.
When it comes to answering the question, AMD or Intel which is best? Both processors have strengths and weaknesses. It is possible, though, to find a processor that better suits your individual needs.
If you are a student, a budget gamer and individual and you are looking for a cost effective processor then you may be go with AMD processor, it is best fit in your budget.
AMD Processors can be overclocked for increased speed, and they provide robust and vibrant graphics, and they are also available in multi-core setups for multithreaded performance.

Cost of some AMD Processors:

  • AMD Sempron LE-1300 (SDH1300IAA4DP) Processor ₹500 approx.

  • AMD FM2 A10-7800 3.50 GHz Processor ₹13000 approx.

  • AMD 3.5 GHz AM3+ FX-6300 Processor ₹19945 approx.

  • AMD A6-7400K FM2 Hexa-Core Processor ₹5500

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