Flip Flop in Digital Electronics

Flip Flop
Flip Flop is a sequentiall circuit which is make by the group of latches. It is a binary storage device which has two states 0 and 1, which is used to store state information and flip flop store 1 bit information. The Output of flip flop is stable, and it carry only two value 0 and 1 or high voltage and low voltage. Flip Flop is known as stable Multi vibrator.

Types of Flip Flop:-
  • RS Flip Flop
  • JK Flip Flop
  • T Flip Flop
  • D Flip Flop
RS Flip Flop:- RS Flip flop is a basic flip flop because all the flip flops are made by RS Flip Flop. RS flip flop have  two external Inputs R(Reset) and S(set). When Input R=1 then R is active and Q=0 then Q output is reset. There is one NAND And one NOR gates is used to make a RS flip flop.

JK Flip Flop:-JK Flip flop complete the RS flip flop disadvantages. The main disadvantage of RS flip flop is when it has clock trigerred then boths input not be high or in other words in RS Flip flop Input is not uses a set(1,1), but in JK flip Flop it is set as (1,1).

T Flip Flop:- T Flip Flop is single Input flip Flop, it is simple version of JK Flip  Flop. T fkip flop is known as Toggle Flip Flop. T Flip flop mainly used in counters.  T flip Flop is a sequential Circuit which has change its states after every clock pulse. 

D Flip Flop:- D flip flop is used to create a delay, if any circuit needs delay. In D Flip Flop Input and Output is same as same. If we Input 0 then Output will also to be 0.

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